Bed Bug Defender 12/BX (12/CS) BBD144



There are two wells in this unit to catch the bed bugs. The center well will catch bed bugs coming from the furniture to other points of harborage. The outer well is designed to capture bed bugs coming to the furniture from other points of harborage to feed. Once bed bugs are captured in the well, it is difficult for them to get out of the unit's slippery wall, thus containing the bed bugs in the unit itself.

It's non-toxic and safe for use in your home, hotels, hostels, dorms, or any public area including movie theatres. It is compact and easy to use and travel with. Bed Bug Defender™ contains no chemicals and acts as a passive bed bug trap.


The Bed Bug Defender™ will assist in professional or personal integrated pest management programs. Bed Bug Defender™ stops bed bugs in their path, traps bed bugs before they climb onto the bed or walk down, and keeps bed bugs from climbing up the legs to get onto your bed. The best bed bug monitor for bed bug prevention. 

Bed Bug Defender™ is stronger and better than the others. Make your bed an island with Bed Bug Defender™. Bed Bug Defender™ has a taped exterior surface making it easy for bed bugs to grab on and climb in, but a slick and powdered interior (with talc on inside surface) so that they cannot get up your bed.?

The new Bed Bug Defender is an innovative, easy way to monitor your bed bug problem. With its simple and compact design, the unit can be placed under legs of bed frames, chairs, tables and other furniture whether it has square or rounded legs.The Bed Bug Defender is a safe alternative to detecting early infestation. You can capture the bed bugs without using harsh chemicals and so it is environmentally friendly.
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LicenseRequired: No
Sold As: Box
Manufacturer: Innovative Pest Product
Target Pests: Bed Bugs
ID: 784559
Target Sites: Commercial Structures (Indoors), Residential Structures (Indoors)

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