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Our Mission is to deliver positive impact. We do so by building trusted relationships connecting you to the products, expertise, and digital tools to exceed your expectations.

In an effort to deliver the digital tools we’ve promised, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Online Store. Our focus is to greatly improve the overall user experience, and this is only the beginning of doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the new Online Store
1 : How do I access the new Online Store?
A : You will sign into your Online Store through (US) and (Canada) or by going to (for Canada) and (for US) and logging in. At this time the online store is not available for customers outside the US and Canada.
2 : How do I search for a product?
A : You can search for products by entering key words into the search box with the glass finder icon or search by sku, category, manufacturer, pest, and site just below the search box.
3 : How do I place an order?
A : After placing items in your cart, click “Check Out.” Then select “Payment on Account”* or “Credit Card” during the checkout process. *Customers can only choose “Payment on Account” if they have a pre-approved credit line with Veseris. Note: For Canadian customers credit cards are not accepted at this time.
4 : How do I access SDS/labels?
A : When visiting a the Product Details Page (PDP), you can find the associated SDS/Labels under the “SDS & Labels” tab. From here you can download the document(s) in PDF format. You can also find documents by clicking on the “Documents” link in the Online Store footer on bottom of page.
5 : How do I view all SDS and Labels for all products in my previous order?
A : After logged in, navigate to the bottom footer of the page and locate the link called ‘Documents’, this opens a new page where you will be able to see all previously ordered products. Clicking on “Download all” will download all SDS and Labels for all previously ordered products. If you want to search for a specific product or sku use the search box to type in a product name of sku.
6 : How do I view frequently ordered products?
A : Upon logging in, on your homepage you will see the first section showing your frequently ordered products – the products shown are for all your purchases (online & offline) from Veseris.
7 : How do I re-order from order history?
A : Once you are logged in, click the arrow next to your name at the top of the page, and go to My Account. Click on My Orders in the left-hand navigation to see your orders and click “Reorder” from this list. If you want to add individual items to your cart, you can view the order details for any order, by clicking on the order number and add them to your cart.
8 : How do I search for past orders?
A : On the “Purchase Orders” page, accessed via going into My Account , you can search for a specific order number, and you can filter your orders by date.
9 : How do I submit a product review?
A : Once you are logged in, navigate to the product display page for the product you’d like to review. There is a tab labelled “Reviews.” You can submit your product review from this page. Please note all comments are reviewed prior to posting to ensure no discussion of pricing or inappropriate language.
10 : How do I order my Private Label Product(s)?
A : Customers that have private label products with Veseris can now order these products online once added to your catalog. To do so, please contact (for Canada) and (US) and provide the specific product number (6 digit SKU) along with your company name and Veseris Account number (Bill To) with request to add to your catalog. Please note it may take 3-5 business days to add this to your catalog. You will receive an email advising once this has been completed.
11 : How do I order my customer owned goods (products pre-purchased and inventoried by Veseris)?
A : Customer owned goods can be ordered the same way as private labels once these are added to your catalog. To do so, please contact (for Canada) and (US) and provide the specific product number (6 digit SKU) along with your company name and Veseris Account number (Bill To) with request to add to your catalog. Please note it may take 3-5 business days to add this to your catalog. You will receive an email advising once this has been completed.
12 : How do online store approvals work?
A : Follow the following steps:
a. Determine what kind of rules you want to implement
b. Rules can be based on a maximum spend allowed in $ Amount or Total No of skus allowed
c. A user will an Account Setup Permission can create these rules
Note: There is no limitation on how many rules you can create. All New Orders are checked against the rules and if applicable are submitted for approval automatically.
13 : I am submitting an order for approval, what do I need to know?
A : Key items to consider when submitting an order for approval include:
a. Orders will be submitted for approval if it has triggered an approval rule.
b. A notification is seen on the screen at the time of order submission and an email is also sent to the order submitter and to the approval on that account.
c. As a order submitter you don’t need to do anything more, if the order is approved it will be submitted automatically, if its not approved you will get a notification informing you of the same
14 : As an approver for an order, what do I need to know?
As approver keep in mind:
a. Under My Account section the menu ‘Purchase Orders’ lists all pending and approved orders. Check this section to see any pending approval orders.
b. Make sure that as a approver are in the specific billto/shipto the order was placed under to be able to approve or reject that order. Approvals can also edit the order
c. Bill To/Ship To can be viewed at the bottom of your screen. Simply click the “Edit” icon to update accordingly. You will need to do this for each Bill To/Ship To for which you are an approver.
15 : What happens if a customer submits an order via that their CC, it goes to approval and approver does not approve before the CC expires ?
A : In such a case the order will be rejected by the system
16 : Why might I see a different price on placing my order?
Pricing changes take 24 hours to appear on the Product Details Page (PDP). However, upon check out, pricing is revalidated real time and any updates will appear then.
17 : When an order is placed how will I be notified if a product is out of stock or unavailable?
Once the product is verified as currently unavailable your Veseris team will reach out and advise you of alternatives or when the product will be back in stock.
18 : Why does it show two different order submissions when I submit some orders?
When you submit an order that includes agency products ( items where the manufacturer dictates selling terms) and non-agency products, they must be separated for invoicing purposes as required by the manufacturer..
19 : Is there a way to share my QuickList with one specific branch vs. sharing with all branches of my company?
That is an enhancement that is not available at this time.
20 : What detail does Purchase History reporting provide?
Reporting from the Order History section of the Online Store includes ALL orders placed with Veseris (both on- and offline) that have been SHIPPED and INVOICED.
21 : Who do I contact for help?
You can reach out to your local Sales Representative or call 1-866-572-8240 (for Canada)for assistance. Alternatively, you can click “Contact Support” at the bottom of any page on the Online Store.

Download our Quick List Transfer spreadsheet here.

Download Instructions with an example.

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